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This page is a collection of OSM related resources and links. For the official OpenStreetMap site, go to

What is OpenStreetMap?

OpenStreetMap is a global volunteer effort to create map data and give it away for free like Wikipedia.

Examples of who uses OSM maps:

  • Humanitarian Organizations: Organizations such as the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders use OSM maps to fight disease outbreaks (such as ebola and cholera), and to respond to natural disaster crises.
  • Companies: Companies who use maps in their websites (Geocaching, FourSquare).
  • Individuals: Anyone who wants access to the raw data, or anyone who wants to print maps and have explicit permission to do what they want with them!
Seattle Map

Useful Links

OpenStreetMap Seattle Meetup Group

Go to our meetup page to find out where the Seattle-area group is meeting next!

Seattle OSM Map

The normal OpenStreetMap page, centered on Seattle.

Map Features Wiki

Page which defines and describes the most common key/value tags.


Taginfo: a site which lets you search for a tag, and shows its popularity.


Ito World

The amazing Ito World site, which contains various visualizations of the map.

Seattle edits this week (Ito World)

Visualization of edits in the last 7 days, centered on Seattle.

Seattle Buildings and Addresses (Ito World)

Visualization of buildings and address info centered on Seattle.

Points of Interest

Seattle Points of Interest

A Flash map which allows you to display all points-of-interest of your choice of type for an area.

Seattle's Local Fare

I created a tool to make it easier to see errors and missing info for Seattle restaurants in OSM. It breaks up the city into smaller areas, and creates custom links to the OSM editor to make fixes easier.

Tutorials and Examples

Tutorial: Intro to the iD Editor

A step-by-step beginner's tutorial for adding a restaurant to the map using iD, the in-browser editor available on the main OSM site.

Tool: Get OSM Notes in your area via email

A simple tool which generates an RSS Feed for getting OSM Notes for an area.

Demo: Place markers on a map using Leaflet

A barebones example of how to use Leaflet to make a web map with markers.

Demo: Place markers on a Leaflet map using GeoJSON

A barebones example of extracting OSM data into GeoJSON, and placing markers on a Leaflet map.

Demo: Mark an Address

A barebones example of how to geocode and mark an address on a Leaflet map.

OpenStreetMap Apps

Go Map!!

OSM Editor for iPhone and iPad.

Vespucci OSM Editor

OSM Editor for Android.


View OpenStreetMap Maps Offline (for Android).