Adding a restaurant in the iD Editor

Adding a point of interest to the map is one of the most basic operations that can be performed. In this tutorial, we'll be adding a restaurant as a point to the map using iD, the new in-browser editor available for use on the OSM site (currently not available for Internet Explorer).

It is mostly intuitive (click to add, edit boxes, save), but the entire process is here just in case you get stuck on a step.

Also, an interactive "walkthrough" tutorial is also offered on when you log in and select "Edit with iD (in-browser editor)".

Getting an OpenStreetMap account

  1. Open your browser to
  2. Before you can edit the map, you will need an OpenStreetMap account. Click the "sign up" link in the upper right corner of the window.
  3. signup
  4. Enter an email address, and choose a display name and password.
  5. username
  6. Please read and accept the terms and conditions. The license for OpenStreetMap (ODbL) allows your contributions to the map to be used by others.
  7. Check your email account. Once you receive a confirmation email, log into OpenStreetMap.
  8. Adding a restaurant

  9. Once logged in, type your town's name in the Search box on the left to display it. Click on the map to zoom in to your neighborhood.
  10. Click on the arrow next to the Edit menu at the top of the window, and select "Edit with iD (in-browser editor)". The satellite view with data will appear.
  11. edit id
  12. Click on the Point area at the top of the screen. Click on the map to add the point, and drag the new point to move it into place. (To delete the point, select it and click the trash can icon next to the point.)
  13. point
  14. Select your new point to open the detail editor. For this example, select Restaurant.
  15. restaurant
  16. In the Name edit box, type in the restaurant's name.
  17. To save your changes, click Save at the top of the screen.
  18. Type a descriptive message for your changes (such as "Added restaurant"), and click Save.
  19. name
  20. When you see the confirmation message, click Okay. You're done! The restaurant is now in the OSM database, and if not too close to another feature, will show up on the map shortly.
  21. showup