Getting OpenStreetMap Notes for your area via email

What are Notes?

Notes are a feature which lets people suggest corrections to the map using plain English.

When someone creates a new Note in your area, you can be sent an email. These instructions use a third-party service called BlogTrottr, but other RSS readers can be used.


1. Go to, zoom into your neighborhood, and use the rectangle tool to draw an area.


2. Click the copy icon to copy the "Box" coordinates it generates (see the lower arrow in the screenshot), and paste them into the text box on this page. Press the 'Create URL' button:

3. Copy the generated URL from below.

OSM Note RSS Feed:

4. Go to, paste the URL into the RSS Feed field. Select 'Daily Digest', and press "Feed Me".

5. Open the email in your inbox, and click on the confirmation link. You're set up!

6. When you receive a Note email, open it and click on the link to view it. You'll get all the area's notes in one email per day.