Seattle Map

How To Help

Click on your neighborhood on the map. Scan the list of restaurants for a place you know. Notice an error, or a tag missing? Click one of the 'Edit' links to change it! (You'll need a free OpenStreetMap account, available here.)

The main rule is to not copy info from copyrighted sources! It's best to use your own knowledge, staying away from existing maps (printed or online), directories, or online sources like Google, StreetView, or Yelp.

Editing Option 1: iD (for beginning users)

One choice is the new iD editor, which is simpler to use. The Edit link opens the area in the editor. Click on the building outline or the node icon to edit. I've created a step-by-step tutorial with the basics.

Editing Option 2: JOSM (for advanced users)

Another choice is the JOSM desktop editor. It's a standalone Java program that currently runs in Java 6. First, JOSM should be downloaded and installed. Start JOSM running, and enable the remote control option under Edit-Preferences. The Edit link jumps to the location in the editor and selects the business.

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